Greetings! I am Sang-Jong, Lim, CEO of Youyoung Co., Ltd.

We will do our best.

When Youyoung, which means to be or exist long, was named we determined to be a long standing and ever growing company.
Looking back at 30 years, we grew up in overcoming and coping with many difficulties.
We will always do out best to make even more progress.

We will keep righteous management of our business.
“An honest company based on consumer's trust”
This is our pursuing ideal which has been the driving force for us to grow.
While competing with others, we also have been looking for ways to cooperate with them.
We have been building up the trust with everyone-the employees, the business acquaintance and etc.-related to our business.
We will keep righteous management of our business not only for the company's sake but also for everyone's.

We will meet the consumer's needs.

Deco-sheet is widely used surface finishing material. We have satisfied various customer demands for that and we will always keep doing so in the future as well.

We will be a first class company in vinyl making industry.

It is our goal to be a first class and global leading company in vinyl making industry and developing various materials is our present aim and task.
We will always make an effort to research and develop useful materials for production.